Easy To Be

by Tinkerer

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A Long Stroll took two feet off - away and bound
to and for and right on along - homebound and yet
where to and for whom and to what tune
did the asking nag jump to? - Scrawling, Bawling
footfalling scares at a wakening snoreyelp -
Shuffling through and eyeing a sigh only once
to come around and - yes here - ask never again for
assurances - why? - for clearness, inclarity, spirifidelity
between the bowing heads of Castor and Pollux, the
the Moon - says see past, right past the expressionless
block on block on block on block - Past that now! and
stilly and freely are not the hands that place each one
lightly upon yours reason enough? so find song in
electric times - find!

recorded at The Broken Machine in Singapore


released October 30, 2016

Frank - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals



all rights reserved


Tinkerer Singapore

Some songs by Frank in Electric Times

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Track Name: The Suspicious
Nobody believes in the other
in you I don't either
from care can we ever be sundered
time to time I still wonder

as the hail fell hard the slogans
did too crack like heavenly thunder
inside of the eye of unreasoned
wolves hazy left right plunder

there's nothing left here today
for the honest pauper
but a friendly hand comes right by
floating down the neighbourhood gutter

in great quantity, passions doled
their saying free trust is a dream dreamed piping
was it different some time ago or
is the illusory moon waning

a lapse in characters common
don't mean we got to see it coming
though a bruise is a boost in most cases
are we still friends? throw me a bone will ya?
Track Name: Most Surely Here
I was living up to the life
That I’d found on the steps
of some morning forgetting
mired with the guilt
of yesterday
trying to remember
its gone

There were some words I’d known
all scrambled now, some poem
I cannot concentrate at all
as tv is a blaring
as the false prophet's preaching
as the college rebel's lecturing
as their loud, so ‘s the crowd

and I’d just like to know, that I know
what I don’t at all, nothing more
I think I'm pretty sure
the windows rattle from the cheers for wars
I hear a groan cause my head is split
between the enlightened and the stoned

I tire sometimes of standing
between the truths so trifling
and all the striving for surviving
surely it cannot be
this hard all the time
Do I be in deeds of choosing
or am I just a mime?
Track Name: A Jot Dot Lot
Jot dot jot dot
Jot dot jot
oh we are a jealous lot
I know it when
I see the lecherous jolt

Jot dot jot dot
Jot dot jot
Darting eyeball skimming
scheming sometimes
spiritual fervor,
sometimes lottery jam.
Oh is it ambition,
coming and knocking
or deathly critters
to off away be fending

Jot dot jot dot
Jot dot jot
Between the waves of
noise and silence,
nosy shadows
the jot dot jot of
a mutters reflecting
From where,
from what,
comes this pounding?!
jot dot jot dot jot dot jot

Jot dot jot dot
Jot dot jot
The curator's editing
the directing censor
a knife, an image,
whatsapp the times,
a message is nothing but a message

Unsuitable, suitors,
to Odysseus's wife
is good, is not,
is sour as limes
its just water
that wont turn to wine


Prostrate before
all gods, upshut
my ambition lying
just to be divine

Jot dot jot dot jot
Track Name: The Scoundrel
The day wears on
so long my friend
its not as funny
as it first seemed

It’s been here from
before you arrived
dragging the time on
all over your mind

He said coyly
as he turned to jim
it was the man from

You’ll do well boy
to take your leave
don't take it all
too seriously

These days it's too much commitment
just to joke
and its a joke
to be committed you see

Jim learnt a lot
those few years
lifting rocks and
shouting cheers

Standing in back rows
just playing for
the man from

Then one day
Jim saw the light
burning up eyeballs
it was golden bright

Felt the swell
that all us do
was the call
of ambition's due

Jim tossed a scheme
round his head
a battle raged inside
to make sense of it

Then patron saviour walks
right on by to
make love to the dancers
left his stuff on the stool

For greed or fate
Jim couldn't help it
unsure but he found
a .45 and some courage

Bang was heard in the night
of the day
in a pool lay
the man from

His soul was gone
Now most surely
as was the money
And jim from the country

And poor old patron
left with his honey
and a smoking gun
right where he left it

Was it jim whodunit
I can't confirm or deny it
I just always believe
what the papers printed

Don’t call me a scoundrel
just hold on a minute
i'm just singing a song
you can take the words or leave it
Track Name: Sometimes Walkers Found F Harmonica
Sometimes the suns ray
it stings the skin
puts a mind right to
a place its been
things are different
now concede
they say
but it still stings the same

Sometimes the paranoia
it gets to your head
it makes you a real
sad sight indeed
makes me wonder
why I ever bothered
thats what she told me
the other day

Sometimes the good things
they roll right by
in a waking moment I
Scrambled, was a meter shy
you dream too much
Kafka screamed
in an instant id forsake
the pages and dreams
just for another day

Sometimes the harsh tonguelines
they stick so cruel i know
into the gut
between sorriness
and an eternal what
thank goodness for metaphor
i was beaten good see,
please stay I was trying to say
god knows i need your company

sometimes things do work
themselves right out
not often enough
but ill shut this mouth
before things go south
there's nothing
to be said
except its a marvel
you're here with me
Track Name: Talking Walking, Man
I was born inside
a food court spoon
stuck in a mouth _ full of hysteric
tongue screaming
for salvation, salivating I was saving
all the change
that I could

jammed it all
in my pockets
in my hair
in my mouth
in my shoes
and with anyone that I could
all to buy me
some dreaming

I was taught under the sign
of the cursed dollar
washed to a fade, a shade,
ragged collar,
now im not sure anymore
if it was white or blue
i only know
the threads have come so loose

then one fine blue day
an artist from far away
shes asking me
hey man what's got your palms, knees,
face and spirit bruising
I smiled like i do
in a naivety so gaily
said was from my crawling
my lady, upon all fourly
its a long long long story

so heres the short version

A gang of questions had me
blinded binded
in some ecstacy
quite a joke really
couldn't think too clearly
couldn't hold anything too dearly
down the path I went
to see both ways
curious cat's got my tongue
I cannot help the feeling that
I would not have come this way

then she says you've got yourself
way too many
problems my friend
I can't help you there
But ive got problems myself
So that makes us two
I said words are
all i can offer
to our company
she declined
but i loved her
and she was gone
before i could mutter
ill see you down the line

death he's by
the sidewalk waiting
revving his 800cc/well oiled engine
hes motioning to me
get in take the ride
and man, I must admit
its terribly tempting
Track Name: Looks Just Like Where I've Been
You’re talking into the silence
where nobody’s listening
who gives a damn?
who’s the foe, the friend
you'll know at the end
it's not me, honey

Visions of memory
and things to be
they remember me
the phone it rings
I answer the call
here is my hand
I thought
It seemed so and not at all

Life it goes where you go
nowhere else
was there to be
taught joy
and sorrow casually
and at their window
you’ll never again find me

I learned on the road
where grand ideas were trying
to sweep me off my feet
begging the question or for sympathy
I didn't follow

And my mama
She won’t give her hand
Won’t even wink
Leaves me to stand
By a babbling hint
Some things are better
Left this way

I've been riding
In deaths sidecar
For ever
For too long
Forbidden by
A selfseen wont
He turns to me and says
If you’re so brave
Then won't you get right off
And take a walk
And man get yourself some taste

These days
The names are just
The same
person, as I am
it's just another can
Printed, sated
I need some help, where is this going
I don’t know what I am doing
but I know where I have been
Track Name: Scrawling Head
oh absurdity, this town
it manages somehow
to always shake a chill
out of me
its way too hot
for a man to
be oh so cold
oh absurdity

their selling words
and me, my friends
down the cold cold drain~
them dressed in the garbs of the occult
in a half ironic gesture to hell
with all the crowd they sang clear and loud
in ironic times its hard going
some living high some lowly dying

oh absurdity

the selfseenitallcounsellor advising
me to give it up and give it all i've got
its a free land man
its a free for all
dont think twice
its not in fashion anymore

where to go
the world hanging on
the thread bare words
of neon clowns
asks the homeless man
on the roads
he's making sense
but no one wants him to know

oh absurdity

it went knocking all over my brain
asking if I was just the same
i said i dont worry too much at all simple and plain

I don't care about the money
I wanna look and laugh just like the rest
I've got time, I've got my honey
I got crooked teeth and a head so scrawly

i found a letter in a plastic bottle
rolling in a clinkity clinkity
past taken for granted *
hand me down advertised realities

to whom it concerns
this is what I ahve to say
imnot your brother
im not your son
it dont matter who I am
im not anyone
oh absurdity
if youre going to read it listen to it or throw it away
then go on right ahead
it dont matter to me anyways

Everybody is waiting to pounce
on failure, it's just so easy
so here I am all 50 kilograms
giving them a run for their irony

oh absurdity
c'mon honey baby
put it in rhyme
and ill do my best
to say it in time
Track Name: Ode To Kinshicho
If ever you come around
down to tokyo
heed this warning well
and don't think twice
stay far from kinshicho

it lures with opportunity
twice that way I did go
looks just like a dream
topped with a bike riding
waving whistling sumo

downby nearby golden alleys
with quentin, wim and francis
at the jetty with a shapeshifting
girl i walked with
in kinshicho alleys

looked no longer like an old friend
she said does anyone know this man?
Pointing to me three
fists went flying
So was I through the window hightailing

and in the red sunned morning
I met the flag flying cutthroat
daylight robbery in the film lab
I was tongue-stunned
as he kept repeating

this is japan
he wrote his demands
it was all kanji
but I got the numbers
and the sign of the yen

I gave him what I had
Turned out every pocket
he said now piss off
don’t ever come back
in a thick old german accent

if you're ever in tokyo
remember whats been told
get your ass on the train
in double time if you find
yourself in kinshicho

goddamn you kinshicho
goddamn you kinshicho
you looked just like a dream
then sold mine down the drain
goddamn you kinshicho
Track Name: Who Say I Am
With a thousand minds come a thousand thinks
and talk and ink till blue knuckles meet
faces blue
I think its so
and now I don't

You’re thinking too see what you will
I have no flair of design, no
only seeing
in straight times
I’m real crooked seeming

No wrong or right no false or true
looked free maybe for the light so I drew
and drew and drew
and so high I flew
on conclusions a fanciful flight

And down they pulled me to the ground
at the lost and found gave me coke gave me soap
and some hope
planted a kiss on my face
I said I'll stay
then they sent me on my way

What’s on your mind?
says the fool
gives all he’s got, take it all
there's no time
to the teller
its just a job
he says in earnest
just getting by

Play the part
take the time
down, on and out
hanging up the line
now and then
who’s in
who’s a lout
cant remember
all the names

Here is my man
she's having a laugh
just a joke
you don't know
now you do
time to go
so say hello
all there is
is hello

Jotting notes making lines
on tourist maps to places we have no
intention to go
put some faith
in a bowl
save it for breakfast

Round and round
and round and round
and round and round
I heard it ring
that circular sound
plain for all to see
I was gone just rambling on

I'm just trying
to come home
take me in
will you please
but its likely
in time coming
I'll say farewell
take it all
take my time

Encounter signs make a face
give what I can sometimes love
sometimes a damn
sometimes thinking
can only say
that I give most truly